Cardiff University Site License Cardiff University has an annual site license for ChemDraw Ultra. The site license allows all staff and students of Cardiff University to download a fully functional copy of ChemDraw Ultra for use on both University-owned and privately-owned computers. This copy of ChemDraw ultra will last for a fixed period of time. The Cardiff University site license for ChemDraw Ultra is paid for by the School of Chemistry. If you are not in the School of Chemistry and choose to download a copy of ChemDraw Ultra, your School will be asked for a financial contribution towards the site license.
Users at Cardiff University are free to download ChemDraw Ultra. Users not in the School of Chemistry may want to contact the LCR for the School of Chemistry (LCRChemistry[at] to discuss their financial contribution to the site license prior to downloading.

With the release of version 17, our desktop product line has moved to an online fulfillment and entitlement system. All site licenses for v17 and beyond will be administered through Flexnet Operations. Users will be asked to register as a member in this new system in addition to their existing user account on our website. The new system will provide access to download the software and activation codes.

The existing system will still be used to access downloads for earlier versions of the software and for our cloud-based applications.

Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox to request your software.

Site License Verification
  Email Address
  • The domain of your address, the part that comes after the @ symbol, must match that of your company or school.
  • After you enter a qualifying email address you will be led through the download process. We will use this address to email you the serial number and other codes needed for installation.